rather than get into a long discussion as i usually do ,  I hope this short transmission of emails drives home a good point.

This guy was in interview for 2 years ,   I saw him at the gym frequently , and as is my protocol,  no one just comes to class.   I conduct a long interview, most of which they don’t even know is going on so I know they are not giving false info or trying to impress. He finally was invited to class and the 2nd class said he just can’t commit

ok  but we remain in contact, workout at the gym,  talk,  he has helped me with projects around the house and we talk alot about martial arts.

saturday night,  we talked for about 3 hrs.  he’s very well studied in philosophy, religion, and many other topics.  He’s very intuitive and would have made a great student , but he cannot stay on topic.  At the end of the conversation,  he asked how I can control myself and not just haul off and beat people up.  He sees the shit comments i get at the gym for training as i do,   they dont’ understand it,  and have no honor in their lives.  My first reply was,   i’m afraid of the cop that comes after i hit them.    Now that’s a pretty true statement,   but i wrote this to him for a more complete reply.

thought maybe it would give someone a good thought to ponder.    Though this is about martial arts,   i think the whole blog site is applicable to every day life.



forward aggression is a weakness   not a strength

being prepared to deal with attack ,  violence,  hurt, pain, loss,


not a pass time or a 3 hr class……..

the reality from the beginning of time is that there are people who will try to harm you,  in words, in actions, or by exploiting your fears and attacking your insecurities,   limited training , no training will only produce forward aggression

training the correct way gives you a character that just lets people know  “maybe i shouldn’t screw with this one”

it’s all thru nature   all thru the world,   the weak only have 2 options,  retreat or be aggressive,   either is the path of the loser

without the physical body   the mind and techniques are useless, without the conditioned mind,  the body and techniques are useless, without the endless practice,  the mind and body are useless,  even if all 3 are in peak shape,   the reality of violence is often ignored…

that means the training is not real, and that means the defense is not real.   there are no options/choices

as with karate,   it teaches to hit   not to resolve yet the core teaching  is not to fight

but it doesn’t give the options      boxing is only to hit,    you get the point

however in the old style japanese jiu jutsu,  it incorporates sooo many techniques and battle tested ways,  it gives options.

there are weapons, joint locks, punches, blocks, kicks, pressure points, arm bars, take downs, throws,   and so much more,

the “options/choices” allow the practitioner to employ what is needed at the moment to produce the desired outcome.

the system is vast and requires many many years,    i’m in my 42nd year now and still learning and evolving

so now i have options/choices,       but the mind/ego is what must grow with the techniques –  not just destructive power

little training and small minds who cling to the bullshit fantasy of their skills can only retreat or show aggression

they have no options no choices

they think they know all aspects of violence,   they take short cuts and have no tolerance for study or pain,   they dont’ know their own breaking points because ego will not allow it,

they cannot accept themselves,   they cannot see themselves as they are   only what they want to be

and thru that arrogance they never become that

i was a small sick kid   the truth hurts, but i saw myself as i was,  as a child,  as a youth, in my 20s, 30/s and now 40s pushing 50’s

only thru the hurtful truth of how lacking i was ,  slow to develop, always sick,  was i able to become what i am and still know i have so much further to go if life continues……

rarely in civilian life is anyone faced with life /death choices that have to be made on the spot,  there is always a doctor or someone to fall back on and blame later,  only thru carrying the burden of choices,   some right and some wrong   …  when they are very hard choices,   there’s a burden to carry thru life,   that changes your character,   once you know big things,  what others think are big,   aren’t really so big any more    

sometimes the right choice is viewed as barbaric ,  evil,   unforgiving,     others cannot understand that moment

the burden you carry from those things  are part of training,   the acceptance,   the awareness that your actions produce things that cannot be changed once acted upon    the same concept is true for fighting,  for using a technique,    the action will be a burden

but the lazy ones who never really attain any skills,   they never have this problem, because they are training in fantasy  ,   back to , they only have retreat or aggression.

the average person cannot disconnect emotions from the violence,  therefor they cannot de escalate   nor can they use tactics

the loser hobby asshole says,   “i go for quick kill techniques”     only a loser goes from 0 to kill

again no options/ choices,      and they can’t pull it off anyway,

the professional has skills that allow no violence, no injury, thru the levels to the end,   but it’s one of many options/ choices

,  not the only option

the average person  thru lack of experience and training will be very emotional in very drastic scenarios.    look on tv,   they interview people who have no injury but witnessed a murder or horrific crash,   they are crying   emotional,   they cannot disconnect ,  they have fear even though they are not in danger.     conversely the media person for the police or fire department,    they are calm and state facts without emotion,   they are able to disconnect thru experience,

you have to develop a sort of on/off mode,      calm, nothing wrong,   but when a threat comes,   act accordingly

so many times people tried to trip me up,   sneak up on me,   grab me,    i always assess the threat,  i basically do nothing because there is no threat by their actions,    the loser is so indulged in his “ability”   he will lash out.   no choice/option

learning to deal with pain is such an important part of training and life in general,   but in modern training  there is no pain  only injuries by mistake,     there’s a very large difference between accidental pain,  and pain you know will be inflicted on you with intent and purpose.      the first time someone feels pain ,   bad pain,   emotions take over ,    and they shut off or freak out.

thru the proper training,   pain will become familiar ,  emotions taken out of it,   your body will function as long as it can and wont’ function when it can’t function any longer,   but emotions wont’ shut you down,  fear wont’ stop you …..

and that’s a large part of dealing with assholes,    when you experience enough pain,   a new outlook takes over,   a confidence,   you know if you engage,   he will react to pain,   but you will not react the same as you are familiar with pain…..

all part of the “stew” of training……

thru the many years of training   its a big strew of contributing factors

in the early years    there is only how much power do you have    how much can you deliver

the point to be proven

in later years,   the confidence comes and you feel that you can win without inflicting too much damage

but this only comes thru actual experience that hardens you to words and allows you to see the inner enemy

then many years later    if you study hard   train hard    if you make great progress

if you have been in many real scenarios,  experienced pain, defeat, humiliation,  and all the suffering that comes with real engagements ..

then you have choices           this cannot be found in “hobby – i do it on tues. ”   commercial martial arts training  

preparing for violence   training in the true warrior arts,   requires you to be a leader,  not a follower,   you must shed the lies of society, of politics, and see what “is”    when you accept the darkest side of humanity,   only then  can you see past optimist/pessimist


only thru immersing yourself in the most real encounters can you gain the confidence and wisdom,  that cannot be found in commercial dojos,  you have to experience what you say you are training for,  martial “military” training cannot be done without experiencing fear,

only thru that fear,  can you learn how to manage fear,

you must accept the reality of death, of injury, of many things,

shooting at the range is a hobby,   it’s not combative training,  only putting yourself in harms way can you actually train and learn to manage fear,   but you can’t go to a public range and have your friend shoot 10” from your head to know what it’s like to get shot at,  and if you could,   you really have to trust your buddy.    the same for true combative training,  you must be in vulnerable positions, many times get hurt,   and endure,   there are no days off,  no where to run,   but in modern times,  everyone can stop and no consequence,   back to ,   it’s a daily job,    push to the limits daily

the young man says    ‘respect me”    at this age    who gives a shit

i dont’ much care what someone thinks of me when i think they are a piece of shit themeselves

a gun is not the answer   it’s another tool    it’s how well can you use it    not just hit a static target but how well can you move your body,  move under stress,   the whole bucket

the punch is like the gun   it’s not the answer   it’s how well you can move your body   how well you have conditioned

you ask how i stand there hitting the pole infront of everyone    how do i not care what they say or think…    fuck them

they are losers   i’m not there to impress them    they are far beneath me

i have the right to feel that because i have paid the price,  suffered   trained    and i have the experience

suffering builds character     and only thru suffering and sacrifice can you earn the right to feel a certain way and no one who has not endured the same can dispute it

my hands are hard    my hits are hard      that little jerk who tells everyone he can kill someone with 3lbs of pressure,  he doesnt’ like me,  he told me when i was friendly to him about his training,

‘i didnt’ want to waste 30years training in bullshit,  i just wanted to learn how to kill”

should i just beat the shit out of him?   ask him to use his 3lbs of pressure to save his life/??   then the cops come and i have no life

fuck him and his 3lbs of pressure,   he is weak, a small mind with no success or talent,

and he’s never killed anyone with 3lbs of pressure

but that’s not the point      my skills give my options,/ choices

i have been in many confrontations that i can control    no damage,  some damage    a lot of damage

and some times i just got beat up bad     there is no promised victory    but even in losing, losing bad there is much to be gained….

my scars show my experience,   my scars are my rank, not some paper or trophy….

only thru skill is this possible

but when skill is  lacking   only aggression remains

when reason fails    only violence remains    you can only retreat and hope the aggressor will show kindness to you

you have no power

however,   just because you have violent resolve at your disposal    that is not the answer either

having the choice is the solution     there is no aggression   no violence    no fear no action from reaction

only the “choice”   the option   of the best resolve

my younger years,   i was full of aggression because i was full of fear

now ,   i dont’ much care about ego,   have nothing to prove   i’ve proven it and no one has the right to know what i’ve proven

there is nothing i have to show,    character should show thru on it’s own

but i keep people at a distance for good reasons

wisdom from study ,    from philosophy gives me the insight to see past the outer person

many times people are so conflicted inside,  so why get into it?

only thru the real training can you see   “into ” people

it’s not only for the combative side,   it’s to avoid combat

i’ll leave off with ben franklins poem

the nail could be the “KILLING TECHNIQUE”

in seeking absolute victory    everything will be lost

“For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the rider was lost,
For the want of a rider the battle was lost,
For the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.”


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