a reply to a student that I thought so profound it was worth posting, ……..

though this will not make sense in the context in which i meant it to any who have not trained with me,   I feel that it is profound enough to make anyone who has wisdom take this and formulate something that will be meaningful in your own life,   it doesn’t have to be martial arts,  it’s just the concept i think many will get something from…..

the reply was in reference to blocks and movement from Uechi Ryu that he is now starting to learn,  but he has studied the old jiu jutsu with me for almost 10 years,   my continual message to everyone who wishes to train,   they ask  ” how long does it take to master the art?”     I tell them i don’t know because i haven’t reached mastery yet,  but if they study hard , practice daily for 10 years,   then, and only then , can i begin to teach them.     He is now bordering being teachable.   a far different way of teaching then the commercial places where belts are handed out like certificates at drug programs……….

any block strike,  movement   as long as it’s compound ,  can be tested as to it’s validity and effectiveness thru the intricate subtle movements of joint controls

it will not work for single motions    like a single punch or block    only in the context of continual movement as in a counter defense

it is the old aikijutsu that has been lost

the uech wa uke,   the push

if we do it their way   it is a single point movement

the block will not serve to move into a new position or movement

however  ,   done my way ,   with the flavor of the jutsu

we can empirically test without interference, the movement  –  is it just a single limb or single muscle?   or does it incorporate the whole body movement and angular/ linear movement from the basis of tai chi and the jutsu

anything can be made into a wrist control,   from weapons , swords, empty hand,   to blocking and avoidance

if  the movement cannot be translated easily into a viable joint lock,  then it is a weak movement without knowledge of the “path’ that will only work with extreme power, luck , and overwhelming rather than subtle control thru ki extension


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